Dog grooming available too!
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    Focused on providing the least stressful, no kennel experience possible. There are tons of areas for running like crazy or curling up by the fire with furry friends. Cats boarded for 4 nights or more only.
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    Grooming Available
    25 year reputation in Seattle as an extremely kind and gentle groomer, providing a much quieter, and less stressful environment than high volume shops.
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A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO BE              A                ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​When you want to know your babies will have a
!great time too, take them to Bonnie's Farm  
Loving,Caring Animal Lover
I took alot of time to create an extremely safe boarding facility in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley.  
I take great care to learn individual needs, and will work with everyone to accomodate special needs,  
like seeing who your dog enjoys the most at playtime to noticing whatever makes them uncomfortable and avoiding that.
Small and senior dogs can relax or play together in the front yard, while the big dogs can rip around two acres of securely fenced pasture!  

I have had my dog grooming shop, Bonnie's TLC, in Seattle for over 26 years and started boarding dogs at my farm 12 years ago.  They live with me as a family member.  There is nothing I love more than animals and my family.

small dogs having fun
The farm has 20 acres with 12 that are fully fenced in no climb 4 and 6 ft high.  There are 4 barriers a dog would have to get through to escape the house and yard.
black dog in comfy bed
senior dog resting by fire place

I care about your pets like they are one of my own
Bonnie's Mom and her two rescued Donkeys, Red and Truly