Dog grooming available too!
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    Focused on providing the least stressful, no kennel experience possible. There are tons of areas for running like crazy or curling up by the fire with furry friends. Cats boarded for 4 nights or more only.
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    Grooming Available
    25 year reputation in Seattle as an extremely kind and gentle groomer, providing a much quieter, and less stressful environment than high volume shops.
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Dedicated to creating the least stress possible

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you 

take great care to learn individual needs and accomodating special needs.  Watching which dogs enjoy each other's company and noticing if anyone is uncomfortable and fixing that.

                                                                              ​​​​​​PROCEDURE FOR BOARDING​

1. A visit to the farm is first thing to do and is done by appointment only on Sunday mornings
2.  All pets must be current on all vaccines ( including lepto and flu virus)
3.  A fecal float test that includes giardia, must be done prior to any stay.  Be sure to do it with enough time to treat any parasites found, at least 2 1/2 weeks prior to a stay.  Once the test is done, no dog parks or day care until after the stay.  This can seem tough but is really necessary to keep a safe environment for all.
4.  An overnight done to alleviate the stress of a new place without having to stay too long.  It is remarkable how this helps dogs stress level for a longer stay.  This also lets me see how any dog is with others.  I cannot accept dogs with any aggressive tendencies .  
5. Bring any favorite bed and their own food for duration, with a bit extra, just in case .  Please don't change dog's diet one month prior to stay.
6. Toys are okay for sleeping but become a source of possession and competition during playtime.  I have lots of balls for the ball players.
7.  When booking a stay please use actual days you are dropping off and picking up.
8.  Lastly, when setting drop off or pickup time please do your best to be on time because I put all dogs away for that to be a quiet, smooth transition.  Texting me with arrival updates if the unforseen happens is much appreciated by me and the dogs waiting to play.

                            LIFE AT THE FARM  

country double fenced yard
 The farm sits on 20 acres with 15 acres fenced in both 4 feet no climb and 6 feet. chain link.  I made 3 barriers a pup would have to breech to escape the 1 acre around the house, then 2 more levels of fencing to go thru to actually get out of the property. 

Big dogs can run have a great time chasing balls in two large pastures. 

​This is a 2 acre park with 4 feet no climb fencing quite close to the house. It is so great for me to see the dogs just go nuts with delight at being able to run and play with so much room, SAFELY.
big dogs exercising in fenced yard
Weather permitting, dogs get several chances to excercise outside.

Your special needs or senior dog can relax or cuddle by the fire inside.  It is wonderful to see them make new friends, really great!

My farm offers overnight boarding stays to customers in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Sammamish and Carnation.

My urban customers tell me this is a special place for boarding their city dogs and I readily see the dogs just come alive in the country air!  I accept only a small number of dogs at a time in order to provide safe and personalized dog boarding as a member of my family.

Overnight:  1 dog is $45 per night  (over ten nights is $40. per)
                      2 dogs are $75 (over ten nights $65. per)

There is no additional charge for administering medicines.
There are two cabins and a dog room in the house to choose from.  I make a huge effort to place dogs in the most comfortable configuration for them.  Anxious dogs can stay close to me in the house. Every space is air conditoned, heated and has security cameras.
cabin with security camer
secure sleeping area for big dogs
Air conditioned sleeping area